We’ve been waiting for you! We have always considered every person that comes to visit our services as God sent. Yes! You are the fruit of our intentional prayer. Whether you came by yourself or by invitation we have the joy of welcoming you!

We have discovered that church is not about programs, buildings or set of rules to be followed, but it is about PEOPLE. Our desire from this point is to get to know you better. We made a decision long time ago that we will encourage people through RELATIONSHIP. And we would like to start this by letting you know that there’s a place for you here at the Jesus is Lord Fellowship.

You will find our worship services upbeat, joyful, spontaneous and participative in nature.

We hope that this website will assist you in knowing more about us. Please feel free to discover the many opportunities we offer in areas of fellowship, training, and ministry. We say again — WELCOME!

Pastor Nestor C. Arellano